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Money Rain

Money Rain

The weather forecast predicted rain, but no need for your umbrella as it is raining banknotes in Money Rain! Money Rain is one of the many free casino slot games offered by Winstar World, with multiple special features, such as Scatter Ways, free spin and a good, better, best feature, which will  cause even more money to fall down from the sky!

Game Information:
Reels: 5

Scatter Way
Game category: Video Slots
Bonus features: Scatter ways feature & Good,Better,Best, Free spins
Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies


To  place your bet, click on the Bet button to set your betting amount to your liking and click on the Play button to start your bet. Click the Auto button to choose the number of Autospins; you can stop the Autospin by clicking the Stop button. Press Play Max to play the max Bet Per Line.

Bonus Features:

Scatter Ways - Money Rain does not have traditional paylines, but uses scatter ways.  All you need are five or more of the same bills win. Money rain has over 25.000 different scatter ways to win!


Good,  Better, Best

During the game, change your bet  amount to select the good, better or best feature. This feature increases the amount of free spins that may be triggered during free spin play.

Free Spins:
Collect 3 free spin symbols in order to unlock the Free spin game feature, which will reward you with 1.5x your original bet  in addition to 8,12,20 or 50 free spins depending on how many free spin symbols you have won .

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