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Pro Blackjack

Pro Blackjack

Do you want to feel the rush of a high stakes game of blackjack at home? Pro Blackjack, one of the many free casino table games available on Winstar World will make you feel like a real bonafide high roller! With exciting, classic Blackjack gameplay, a rapid bonus mode and a $10,000 US maximum bet, Pro Blackjack offers a thrilling experience to it’s players? Are you enough of a Pro for Pro Blackjack? Find out now!


Pro Blackjack Game Info:

Type: Casino Table Game

  • Play up to five hands per game

  • Bonus features: Turbo mode, $10,000 US maximum bet

  • Game Developer: GAN


Betting Set-Up:

Choose a wagering denomination by clicking on the chips of your choice as shown on the screen. To play a hand, hit the betting circle below the hand you wish to play. You can choose a different wager for each hand and you can choose as many hands as you wish.To reset your bets and start again, click on the Clear button. When you have placed your bets, click on the Deal button to have your hands dealt. The hand that is currently played will be highlighted, hit either the Hit button to have another card dealt or the Stand button to keep the hand as it is.

After you are finished with your own hands, the  the dealer’s hand will be revealed. The dealer must stand on 17 and it must deal another card for hands up to and including 16. When the dealer is finished, then the wins and losses are shown on each hand.


If you win, you are paid the amount you have bet. Blackjack pays 3 to 2 but remember that blackjack only refers to the first two cards that you were dealt being of a 10 value (eg. King, Queen, Jack or Ten) and an Ace. All other wins are paid.


When the dealer has an Ace up, then you have the option of insurance. This is a voluntary side bet if you think the dealer has a blackjack. It pays two to one.

Card Splitting

You have the option of splitting your cards if one of your hands you are dealt contains two cards of the same face value. These two cards will be split into two separate hands with the same bet on each hand. You continue to play these two hands. You can hit, double or split again.

Double Down

You may want to double down. A double down is another bet of an equal or lesser amount. If you win, you are paid for both your bets.

Info Button: Click on the info button, which is the question mark (?) at the bottom right of the screen, to get answers to any questions you may have regarding the set-up procedure or other game features. Use the arrows on the bottom right-hand corner to scroll through the pages. Click ‘Back’ to return to the game.

Turbo Mode:

To speed up the gameplay, hit the Turbo Mode button at the bottom right of the screen, just below the music button.

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